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MoreThanCable News

Sports Fans! Sports Devil has a “sub” Add on that has good sports streams and is really simple to use.  Select Sports Devil, Live Sports and ““.  Easy interface with a one click to get things playing. Give it a try.

SmoothStream is another great Sports Add-on.  It has good coverage, almost any game you would like to see, college, pro and international, all in HD.  However, it has a subscription fee.  The fee is dependent on the length of your subscription.  Information on getting a subscription is in Tips & Tricks.

Check out these customer quotes!

“You hit it out of the park with this product!”… Andover, MN

“Love my new unit. We have been exploring and having really good luck with streaming. This is so much easier to use than going to the computer! If there is one problem we’ve found, it’s that there are so many programs and movies to choose from, we have a hard time picking what to watch next!”… Springfield, IL

“Our 2 yr contract with Comcast just ened. Officially cutting the cord this month and going with our MoreThanCable boxes!”… Golden Valley, MN

“I love our MoreThanCable boxes… yes boxes! We bought one for each room. Why not when you save that much money?! So many options for viewing movies before Redbox AND major binge watching for all your favorites without commercials. No need to DVR because you can get everything whenever you want it. Great Buy!!!”… Maple Grove, MN

“Thanks for a great product! We are always able to find what we want to watch and it’s so easy to use. My 7 year old is quicker than I am when it comes to finding what he wants!”… Golden Valley, MN


Add on and Application News

There is a new application that runs from the Android applications called TerrariumTV.  I just posted directions for installation under “Tips & Tricks”  This is a GREAT solution for TV shows and Movies!

For those that have updated and have the Elysium Add-on, this Add-on needs an API key.  Check “Tips and Tricks” for the Key and how to install it.


A couple of the streaming sources are giving a “pop up” asking you to register at their web site. Just ignore this message.  Hit the X in the upper right corner and the system will go to the next stream.  It is not uncommon for this to happen a couple of times but it really isn’t an issue.