Our Story

I had been a satellite subscriber and fan for over 25 years, paying the increases year after year and every 2 years calling Directv and negotiating a new 2 year contract to bring the cost down.  It was Anne who put the bug in my ear about dropping Satellite an just going “over the air”.  My big hang up was sports.  I am a big fan and hated giving up the Wild and Twins games.  But, after looking at the DVR to see exactly what we were recording, to my surprise, I found that everything but 4 or 5 programs we watched were broadcast on the over the air networks and I was paying Directv  $125 per month for free programming.  That was enough for me.  I figured I could dump satellite and even if I subscribed to the NHL Center Ice and MLB for baseball it would still be cheaper than what I was paying every month for satellite, so we “cut the cord”.

Then, in February, while in Florida, I was walking through the Flee Market and saw streaming TV like I have never seen it before.  A streaming TV solution that gave me “On-Demand TV”, movies that were more current than anything I could get at Red Box or Netflix and all sorts of live sports.  I bought it, tried it and was so overwhelmed by what I could watch, that I decided to create MoreThanCable to provide the same entertainment experience I received to others and help them become “cord cutters” to.

There is plenty of information on what MoreThanCable on the site does so I don’t need to expand on that. What I will tell you is that every day I learn more about the power of streaming media over the internet and I can’t believe the quantity and quality of the entertainment that is available for free.  So explore the site, buy a box and watch what you want, when you want commercial free and FREE!