MoreThanCable is sold by Focused Sales, Inc. (FSI).  The MoreThanCable Streaming TV device does not host any audio or video content. Furthermore, FSI is not affiliated with any of the Addon providers running on this device. All content that this device links to and presents is publicly available on the internet and can be found by using Google or any other publically available search engine. The Kodi® program is a publicly available video player and all the Addons provided by Kodi® are from providers who have spent the time to find publically available links and have organized them in an Addon. FSI has simply added these Addons to the device, selected as the best in our opinion, and provide them to the user with instructions on how to use, add, or delete the Addons for the Kodi® program. Links display video content in a variety of video definitions controlled by the provider and some links may not be functional, provide high quality or display properly from time to time.  If this occurs, we recommend selecting an alternative link or using a different Addon to search for another, similar link.

Return Policy:

MoreThanCable will accept returns made within 30 days of the date of purchase.  To return your MoreThanCable Streaming TV box the purchaser must contact MoreThanCable at our support email address support@morethancable.com to obtain a Return Authorization Number.  NO RETURNS WILL BE ACCEPTED WITHOUT A Return Authorization Number.

The device must be returned in “like new’ condition in its original box complete with all the components that came with the device.  All returns are subject to a $50 restocking fee.