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The number one issue we find when your MoreThanCable box isn’t working is an internet issue with your provider.  Before calling for help please check your internet.  The best way to do this is to go to the Android Home Page (This is the page that comes up when you first power on the box.  Look for the box called “Apps”.  Click on it and look for an App called “Speed test”.  Run the application to first see if it finds a server.  If it doesn’t, then your internet isn’t working.  If it comes up with the “Begin” button, click on it and it will test the speed of your connection.  If your connection is active and you have speed of 5MPS or better then there may be something wrong with your box.  Go ahead and contact us through the “Contact Us” link on the Web Site.

Pausing, or buffering, can be the result of a couple of things.  First, go ahead and try a different streaming source in the current Add-on or try another Add-on to see if you get a better stream.  You may just have a bad stream. If that doesn’t work, check your internet connection.  Go back to the main Android screen (the screen that comes up when you power on your device) and then go to “Apps” and scroll down to “Speed Test”.  Running the Speed Test program will tell you if your Internet is connected and what the download speed is.  The system will stream Standard Definition (SD) at 3 MPS and High Definition (HD) at 5 MPS and above.  10 MPS would be preferable.

Finally there just may be streaming issues with that show.  I have had a show continually pause one day and run perfectly well the next.  I can’t explain it, but it can happen.

If you get a message asking you to Pair (similar to the picture on the left) while you are trying to select a stream, simply ignore it by clicking on the “X” in the upper right hand corner.  Some of these sources are trying to get people to pay for premium subscriptions.  There are PLENTY of free sources available and you don’t need to do this.

There are a couple of reasons for no sound.  First check the video screen and see if you have a mute symbol in the upper right hand corner.  If you do, the F8 key will toggle between mute and sound.  Use the F8 key to turn off mute.

If the system is not muted, check the volume control on the control circle to the left of the touch pad.  You will see a V+ on the top and a V- on the bottom of the circle.  Keep pushing the V+ until the slider on the screen is all the way to the right.

If your keyboard doesn’t work at all there are multiple reasons this could be happening.  

First, have you removed the battery cover on the keyboard to get at the keyboard’s dongle and is it plugged into the MoreThanCable box?

If the dongle is plugged into the MoreThanCable box the next thing to check is the on/off switch on the front edge of the keyboard.  Make sure it is slid to the “ON” position.

Finally, is your keyboard charged?

If you have a keyboard that has back lit keys they will be dark to save battery.  To toggle the back light on, press the FN and F6 keys at the same time and the back light will toggle on.  Keyboards with white letters and numbers on them do not have a back light.

To add something to your favorites highlight the item by putting the arrow over it.  Then press and hold the “OK” button and a short menu will pop up.  One of the choices will be to “Add to Favorites”.  Put the arrow on it and press OK.  The item will now be accessible when you put the arrow on the Star in the lower left corner of the main screen and press OK.

Open your favorites by putting the arrow over the star in the lower left hand corner of the main screen and click OK to open the favorites window.  Then put the arrow over the item you want to remove and press and hold the OK key until the menu window pops up.  Put the arrow over “remove from favorites” and click OK.

The letter “Z” on the keyboard will change the zoom factor of the video playing on your TV.  Simply press Z until you the picture fits your screen.

The letter “I” on your keyboard also acts as an information button.  Put the arrow over the movie or TV show you are interested in and touch the letter “I”.  A slide out will come from the right with information about the item you selected.  To retract the slider window press the back button (bottom button on the right side of the touch pad that looks like it has the mouse icon on it.

If you get a message telling you to upgrade to a new version of Kodi, ignore it.  The only way you should ever update your MoreThanCable device is to use the OneBox Wizard under the Program menu.  Any other update program will clear out the MoreThanCable programming on your device


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